Props are being replaced by the Paltalk Rewards program.  See our blog post here...

Your Props (if you had them) have been converted over to the new Paltalk Rewards Points (1 Prop = 1 Paltalk Reward Point). You will continue to accumulate rewards by taking part in the activities listed below.

  • Verifying Your Email
  • Completing Your Profile
  • Uploading a Profile Photo
  • Adding Your First Pal
  • Joining a Room Streak
  • Sending a Gift Daily Streak
  • Going On Cam Daily Streak
  • Sending a Virtual Gift
  • Receiving a Virtual Gift
  • Logging in daily (currently only on the mobile apps)

Don't worry, if you had already transferred your Props into your wallet they are still there and available to you.  Going forward you will no longer earn props, you will earn Paltalk Rewards instead.

We will post more detailed information here as it becomes available.

Happy earning!