If your camera is listed within Paltalk video & audio settings but it fails to start, you may need to check your camera's privacy settings within Windows.

Click on the Windows start button, then click on the 'settings' icon (it looks like a little gear).  Now select 'privacy'.

Now scroll down to 'app permissions', then click on 'camera'.

Near the top of the window be sure that 'camera access for this device is on' is displayed.  If not, click on the change button to enable your PC to use your camera.

Now make sure that the 'allow apps to access your camera' switch is turned on.

Now scroll down to the 'allow desktop apps to access your camera' area, and make sure that the 'switch' is turned on,

You should see 'Paltalk' in the list of allowed apps, and if Paltalk is currently running and you have selected your camera, it should show as 'currently in use'.