If you use multi-window mode, the pal list will be located in it's own window.

The 'pal list' contains several elements.

At the top left is the 'menu' icon (three horizontal lines).  You can find just about anything here

Next you see your profile photo.  Click it to upload a new one.

Next to that you see your current user name and your online status (online / away / do not disturb).  Click on the status icon to change your status, add a message, or show the room that you are currently in.

Under that you will see your current subscription level (VIP shown).

Next is the 'settings / preferences' icon.  It looks like two horizontal 'sliders'.

The search (magnifying glass) icon lets you search for rooms or new pals.

Active rooms (single window mode only)
This area shows a list of all of the rooms that you are currently visiting.  Depending on your subscription you can be in up to 5 rooms at once.  You can quickly change between rooms by clicking on them here.  If you leave a room it will be removed from the list.  Please note that the active rooms area does not show if you use multi-window mode.

Recent conversations
When you have message open, the list is shown here.  You can quickly change between message by clicking on your pal's name in this list.  You can clear the list or set how long to keep messages displayed there by clicking the 'recent' header.

Online pals
This is where you see your list of contacts or 'pals'.  You can click on the 'online' header to set 'show all pals', or only those who are online.  You can see various status messages associated with your pals.  You can see if they are online, away, in do not disturb mode, or offline.  You can see a thumbnail of their profile picture if they have uploaded one (unless compact mode is enabled), and you can even see what room they are currently visiting if they choose to show it.

Click on 'Rooms' to open a list of chat rooms that are currently open on Paltalk.

You can view all rooms, rooms you follow, recently visited rooms, or discover rooms that Paltalk thinks you may like.  If you are using 'multi-window' mode, clicking on 'Rooms' will open in a separate window.

Click on 'Home' for easy access to all aspects of your Paltalk life.  Get a subscription, edit your profile, set up your own chat room, buy credits, etc.  If you are using 'multi-window' mode, clicking on 'Home' will launch a separate window
The 'Leaderboard' displays a list of the people who send the most Paltalk gifts in the past seven days.  You can see a list from people in your region, people on your pal list, and a list that shows all users on Paltalk.
Allows you to search for and add new pals.

Shows your current credit balance. Click the 'Buy Now' button to purchase more.