Settings and preferences

To get to Paltalk settings, click on the settings icon just above your list of pals.

This area contains various 'switches' that control certain aspects of chat rooms you visit.

Detached video window size

Pick small, medium, large or huge depending on your screen size / resolution

Automatically show 2 videos when I enter a chat room

on = show 2 (two) videos in the video view panel upon entry to a chat room, or pop them out depending on the setting above.

off = do not automatically show any video windows when you enter a chat room. You can view a video or videos by manually clicking on the camera icon to the left of any person in the room who is publishing video.

Auto start my video when I enter chat rooms
If this setting is on, your camera will automatically turn on and start sending video to a room as soon as you join it.  You can turn this switch off if you don't want that to happen.

Auto close empty video windows
If enabled, video viewers you have open will close on their own if the person you were watching turns their camera off.

Feed filter
Turns different notifications on or off.  You can turn these off to reduce clutter in the chat area, or enable them if you want to see any particular alerts.

Someone views my webcam

Someone starts their webcam

Someone enters the chat room

Someone exits the chat room

Someone follows the room

Highlight words

Your nickname and any other words that you enter will be highlighted in the text chat area of a chat room. Be sure to separate words with a comma. Words are not case sensitive so no need to worry about 'caps'.