Settings and preferences

To get to Paltalk settings, click on the settings icon just above your list of pals.

All of your privacy settings are available in this area.

On the top of the panel you can choose the level of privacy you would like to use. You can change this level at any time.

open - receive messages, invitations, one to one calls (and files*) from anyone
low - receive messages, invitations and one to one calls from anyone - (files from pals only*)
medium - receive messages from anyone - invitations, one to one calls (and files*) from pals only
high - receive messages, invitations , one to one calls (and files*) from pals only

Notify my pals if I turn on my video in public rooms
If this feature is enabled, anyone that you have on your pal list will get a notification any time you start sharing video in a public chat room.  Private rooms, private calls, and '18+' adult rooms will NOT send out notifications.

Blocked Members
This area shows a list of everyone that you have blocked. You can remove them from your block list at any time,

* file transfers are notated, but not yet supported