Make a disposable private room 'on the fly' and invite up to 9 other people.

You can start a private room by right clicking on any user name on your pal list.  You can also spawn a private room from any IM window by clicking on the menu icon.  Then select 'create a private chat room' from the menu that appears.

Your new room will open 'on the fly' and the person you selected will receive an invitation to the room.  Anyone you invite to the room may also invite other users to the room, up to the maximum capacity of 10 people including yourself.

Your private room looks and feels just like any public chat room, with a few minor differences....

Private rooms are temporary and are destroyed as soon as everyone leaves the room.

Private rooms are not shown in the group listings, they are private.
Private rooms are not 'rated' for acceptable or offensive content.  Enter at your own risk.

You do not have 'admin' rights in a private room, everyone is equal.

Other than that, you can all talk, text and share your video just like any other room you have been in.  It is a great way to get together with family or friends!

You can only share or 'publish' your web cam in one room at a time.  If you are in a private room and share your video there, you would not be able to start your web cam in any other room till you stop your web cam in the private room.  The same goes for public rooms.  If you are in a public room and you are sharing your web cam, then open or get invited to any other room, you won't be able to start your web cam till you stop sharing your cam elsewhere.