Allow or remove the ability of a person to speak, type text or show video in the chat room.

As a room administrator there may be times when you want to control the flow of the conversation in the chat room.  You may want to control who is able to show their web cam, speak on the microphone or type into the text chat area.

There are several options available using the admin console (more later).  Once you restrict a user, whatever options you have selected will be applied to them, and their user name will move to the lower portion of the chat room participant list (on the right side of the room).  You will see a section labeled 'restricted', and all restricted users will be listed there.

The basic default restriction is to remove the ability to speak (use the mic).  As above, right click on their user name in the participant list and select 'restrict' from the popup menu.

To add more functions to the 'restrict' feature, open the admin console by clicking on the menu icon at the top right of the chat room (it looks like 3 horizontal lines).  Now select 'show admin console' from the menu that appears.

When the admin console opens you will see a section labeled 'restrictions' near the middle of the window.

'Use the mic' is selected by default and cannot be de-selected.  Every restriction prevents a person from speaking regardless of other options.

Click on 'start their webcam' to also stop a person from using their web cam, or to immediately turn their video off if they are already publishing video.

Click on the 'text chat' icon to prevent a person from typing text into the group text chat area (they can still IM each other).

Click on the 'auto restrict on join' to apply restrictions to anyone who joins the room automatically.  Once you turn this on it remains in effect until you turn it off.  Current participants will not be affected.

If you need to grab complete control from the entire group, including those in the room, click on the 'restrict everyone' button.  Any restrictions options that you have selected will be immediately applied to everyone in the room.

To restore everyone in the room to full functionality with no restrictions, click on the 'clear all restrictions' button.

These functions are 'global'.  Once you select a restriction option it applies to anyone and everyone who has been placed on restriction.