Create your own chat room and start having fun!

If you want to create your own public chat room, click on the ‘home’ button, just under your list of pals. 

Now click on the ‘create room’ button in the ‘my room’ section of the home screen.  Your browser will open and guide you through the creation process.

Step 1 – Select a room name.

Step 2 – Enter a description of your room.

Step 3 – Select a category and sub-category for listing on the chat rooms browser.

Step 4 – Select the language you will be speaking and the ‘rating’ of your room.

Step 5 – Select whether your room is ‘web cam required’ or not.  The default is ‘on'.

Click the ‘finish’ button when you are done.  Your room has been created with basic settings.  You can ‘edit’ your room later to make more settings and add ‘admins’ to help you run the room.

This type of room is persistent, meaning it is always there and waiting for you to open or use.  You only have to create it once, but you can change or edit it's details at any time through your account settings.