The best way to meet new friends is to explore the chat room listings.  There are thousands of chat rooms open at any given moment.

If you want to find and join rooms do this...Click on the 'rooms' button on the bottom of the 'pal list' area to open the chat room browser.  Then click on 'all rooms' on the top of the window to view the main category list.

Scroll up and down through the categories on the left and click on any sub-category to see the list of rooms  on the right.  Click on any room to enter it.

To find more rooms, select different categories and sub-categories on the left.

Search for rooms by title or topic
Enter a room title or search phrase into the search box and tap the enter key on your keyboard

Sort or refresh the chat room listings
Use these handy icons at the upper right of the room listings to refresh the list, or sort it.

From left to right...

1 - refresh the list
2 - sort by relevance
3 - sort by number of people in the chat room
4 - sort by achievement level
5 - sort by number of people live on camera

Include 'A rated' adult rooms in the chat room listings
You can include 'A rated' adult rooms in the listings by clicking on the '18+' switch on the top right of the window.

You must be over 18 years old if you wish to view or enter adult rated rooms.

'Follow' chat rooms for quick and easy access
You can follow a room by clicking the three vertical dots to the extreme right of the room listing, then select 'follow room' from the menu that appears.  Once you follow a room it will appear under the 'my rooms' section of the room browser, and it will also be available from the home screen of our mobile apps.

Other options available in the blue header at the top of the room browser

Click here to get a list of the hottest rooms on Paltalk.  Rooms are listed by trending, whats hot, staff picks, etc

This area shows the rooms that you have visited in the past.  Get back to them easily from here.

All Rooms
This is the big list of rooms (described above) broken down by category and geographical location.  All public rooms on Paltalk are visible here.  There are thousands of rooms listed here.  We are sure you will find some you love!

My Rooms
Once you find great rooms you can 'follow' them.  Rooms you follow will be gathered here for your convenience. 

Once you create your own chat room it will always be displayed under 'my rooms'.  Rooms you follow are also listed on the app's home screen when you log in using your mobile device.  Be sure to 'follow' your favorite rooms!

If you are assigned as an 'admin' in any chat rooms, those rooms will also be listed here for easy access.