To start a one to one video call

  • Open an IM window with your Pal
  • Click on the camera icon near the top right of the window to start a video call
  • Click the telephone handset icon to start a voice call
  • You can add video or voice once the call is in progress

Once you initiate the call the chat window will transform and you will also see a notification badge that indicates that you have started a call.  

  • Click the red ‘hang up’ icon to terminate the call request 
  • Click the speaker icon to mute or un-mute the audio  
  • Click the microphone icon to mute or enable your microphone

Both the speaker and microphone are ‘on’ (un-muted) by default.

Receiving a call

  • You can accept the request and turn on voice or video by clicking the camera icon or the microphone icon
  • You can reject the call by clicking on the red ‘hang up’ icon

Click on the icons on the video screen area or on the notifier badge to do the following