Add a new pal to your pal list

You will want to add new friends to your pal list from time to time.  The pal list shows everyone that you have added as a pal, and if they are online and offline.  If you are using multi-window mode the 'pal list' will be in it's own window, otherwise it is on the left side of the main window.

Search for new pals
To search for new pals, click on the add pal icon on the bottom of the pal list area.

A window will pop up.  Enter their user name into the search box and press the enter key, or click the magnifying glass icon to start your search.  A list of possible matches will appear.  Click the 'profile' button to the right of any name in the list to view their profile so you can be sure that you have found the correct person.  Click on the 'add' button to add a person to your pal list.  When you are finished click on the 'X' near the top right of the pal list area.

From within a chat group
You can also add anyone you encounter in a group to your list of pals, or 'pal list'.

When in a chat group just right click on anyone's nickname and select 'Add as a Pal' from the drop down menu that appears. That's it!