Minimum Operating System requirement

Paltalk requires OS X version: 10.15 (macOS Catalina)  or above.  Paltalk is a 64bit app and your operating system must be up to date in order to install our app.

Download Paltalk

Open the internet browser of your choice and go to, and click on the big orange 'Get Paltalk for Mac' button.

If you are already have an existing nickname, click on the 'download now' link on the top right of your browser screen.  After your download completes, skip to the 'install paltalk' section.

If you are a brand new visitor, welcome! Create a new user name and password, and enter a VALID email address (this is important).

Click the 'I am not a robot' box to prove that you are a living and breathing human.

Now click the 'sign up and install' button.

Your download will now begin! If it does not, click on the 'click here to restart download' link.

When your download finishes your 'downloads' folder will bounce up and down on the Dock Bar.

Install Paltalk

Click on the 'downloads' folder in your Dock Bar.

Look for the 'paltalk.dmg' file and click on it to begin the installation process.

A small window will open and Paltalk will ready itself for installation.

A new Paltalk window will appear and you will be told 'To install Paltalk, drag the Paltalk icon into the Applications folder'.

Click on and drag the Paltalk icon into the Applications folder.

A small window will tell you that Paltalk is being copied to the applications folder.

You are all finished installing Paltalk!

We suggest to go to your applications folder and drag the Paltalk icon to your Dock Bar for quick and easy access! Otherwise you can always find it in your Launcher.

You are now a member of the awesome and ever growing Paltalk community!

Click on the Paltalk icon to open the app, and log in using your chosen nickname.

See you online!