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What are Achievement Levels?
 Achievement Levels are a symbol of member status and are seen by everyone in the Paltalk community.  Every time you send or receive Virtual Gifts, you earn Experience Points or XP.  The more Virtual Gifts you send or receive, the more Experience Points you earn and the higher your Achievement Level goes.


When you send and receive gifts, stickers, and more from the Paltalk Virtual Gift Store, you earn Experience Points (‘XP’), to help you progress to higher and higher Achievement Levels.  Easier to read and understand for all our members, Achievement Levels are coded by number, icon, and color on a scale from 1 to 130 to better highlight your accomplishments.  That’s right.  There are now one hundred and thirty unique Levels you can achieve!

This is how Virtual Gifts help you earn Experience Points:
When you receive a Virtual Gift worth 100 Credits, you will earn 100 Experience Points.

When you send a Virtual Gift worth 100 Credits, you will earn 50 Experience Points.

When you send a Virtual Gift to yourself, you will earn 100 Experience Points.

Nothing has changed in the way you earn points.
When Member A sends a gift to Member B, Member A receives XP equal to half the gift’s Credit value.  Member B receives XP equal to the gift’s Credit value.  If Member A gifts herself, she receives XP equal to the gift’s Credit value.  Send Gifts to your Pals and encourage them to send gifts back to help boost your ranking.  Check the Leaderboards to measure your progress.

Both rooms and nicknames use the same XP scale to reach any specific Achievement Level, so it’s easier to keep track of where you’re at and what you need to keep climbing.  It’s easier than ever to get started and make your way up the ranks.

Achievement Level Rewards
For every 10th Achievement Level your nickname reaches, you will be awarded BONUS Paltalk Credits.

Room owners are also awarded Paltalk Credits when the room reaches new Achievement Levels. 

Additional bonus credits will not be awarded for attaining a level for a second (or more) time, until 60 days have passed. 

For example, if you achieve Level 11, you receive the 125 Credit bonus.  If you then drop to Level 10, you will not be eligible to receive another bonus for achieving Level 11 until 60 days have passed from your initial Level 11 award.

What happened to my existing Crowns and Crown Points?
 If you currently have a Crown or Crown Points, don’t worry.  We’ve got you covered in the new system.

Crowns have been converted to new Achievement Levels.  You can read all about the new and exciting change here

.Here’s what you need to know:

  • Your current Crown/Crown Point total equates to a new Achievement Level and marker.
  • We will automatically award you the Achievement Level equal to your current Crown.  For example, if you have 5000 points, you are a Level 2 Crown and receive Level 11 in the new system.
  • Your XP will expire at the same time as the Crown Points they replaced.  If you had 100 Crown Points set before the switch to expire in 14 days, they will still expire in 14 days after the switch to Experience Points.
  • The same applies for guaranteed Crowns.  If you had a Level 8 Crown (formerly guaranteed for 120 days upon earning) that will expire in 78 days, you are guaranteed the equivalent Achievement Level for the remaining 78 days.  Newly earned high Achievement Levels no longer come with guaranteed time-frames after the switch.
  • You won’t earn bonus Credits if your Level increases because of the move, but you can still earn them when you hit the next qualifying Achievement Level.

Those are the basics, Pals.  We hope you like the new, easy to understand Achievement Levels, which help you and your Pals maximize your prestige and show off your experience.  If you have any further questions, please click the chat bubble at the lower right of this page to launch a support ticket.  Our team will be happy to assist you.

Happy achieving!