Did you use your real email address when you registered your nickname?  Do you still have access to and can you send and receive email from that account?

If so you can click on the 'forgot password' link or button on the login screen of Paltalk.  You will receive an email within minutes that will let you reset your password.  It is automatic and you can reset your password very quickly.

You can also use this URL to reset your password...  https://commerce.paltalk.com/mpt/ControllerServlet?RequestId=MyPalTalk.ForgotPassword

Tip: if you don't get your email right away, check your spam or junk or bulk folder, sometimes we get wrongly flagged as spam. Be sure to add info@mail.paltalkpeople.com to your 'safe senders list'.

If you used a bogus email or did not verify your email address with us, this will not work.

If all else fails, click on the 'new support ticket' icon near the top of this page to start a ticket with our support team.

Please be sure to include the exact spelling of the nickname that you need help with, and a note saying that you have tired the above and still need help with your password.

We will send back a series of random questions in order to verify ownership of the account.  Once you reply with the info we need, we will be happy to set a new password for you.