Pay using a credit card

You can pay for a subscription by credit card and have it activated within minutes!  If you want to pay by credit card online right now follow these steps.

Step 1
get your last billing statement from your credit card company
you want to be sure you fill in the form correctly and having your statement can help you to avoid mistakes

Step 2
be sure you are logged into Paltalk with your own nickname you want to pay for

once you pay for the nickname you are stuck with it

Paltalk will not change nicknames or move subscriptions for any reason.

Step 3
go to your main 'pal list window' and select 'my subscriptions' from the 'file' menu

a browser will open and you will be automatically logged into our secure payment site


from here you can upgrade your nickname or your room

click on the upgrade link for the feature you want to pay for

Step 5

select the subscription type and desired length on the web page

note: your nickname and email address are pre-populated on the form

Step 6

Pay close attention to the fields on the form and be sure the information that you enter matches the information on your billing statement.

Any mistakes will cause a rejection of your card and a possible short term hold on funds by your bank or credit card company. If this happens your card has NOT been charged by Paltalk, however your bank or credit card company may hold the funds until it verifies that no transaction has taken place.

Paltalk currently accepts Visa, MasterCard, and American Express

MasterCard and Visa check / debit cards are accepted just as if they were a credit card. - be sure that you have sufficient funds in your account to avoid an overdraft - mistakes made on this form may place a temporary hold on funds even if a transaction is not completed.

Review the form carefully and correct any errors BEFORE you go to the next step! Avoiding mistakes now will assure that you have your subscription activated in just a few minutes.

Warning: Your IP address will be recorded. In the event a transaction is refunded due to a fraud claim, a refund will be issued and the credit card will be placed in our credit card processors negative database. We investigate all fraudulent activity and would prosecute to the fullest extent of the law.

press the 'submit' button on the secure payment form ONCE.

DO NOT press the submit button multiple times!

If an error occurs with your transaction you will be notified - correct any mistakes and try again

If the transaction was successful, you will be notified and your subscription will be activated.

log off of Paltalk and log back in to start enjoying your new subscription!

note: When you pay for a subscription we automatically turn on 'enhanced nickname security' settings for your account. This means that if you log into Paltalk from machines other than the machine you registered your account on, you will be asked to confirm the 'secret answer' to your 'secret question'.

If you do not know your 'secret question and answer' you may not be able to access your Paltalk account from any machine other than your own.

This also may cause a problem if you purchase a new computer.

The best practice is to NOT subscribe for any nickname that you do not have complete information recorded for. Critical information includes your Paltalk password and the exact spelling of the nickname including spaces, hyphens, and dashes.

You should also know your 'secret question and answer' and the email address that you used when you registered.

 note: having a verified email address is critical to obtaining customer service