Logging in with a new nickname

At times you may wish to use different nicknames. You can register as many nicknames as you please, and log in on those nicknames at any time.

If you have logged into a nickname and turned the 'remember me' switch on, you will be automatically logged into that nickname as soon as you start Paltalk.

You may think you are stuck in some kind of loop, but this is to make logging in faster.

You can turn the 'remember me' switch off again by doing the following.

Click on the 'settings' slider icon near the top left of the main window.

Select the 'genera' section on the left pane.

Click on the 'log out' switch

You will be logged out of Paltalk and taken back to the log in screen.

You can now turn off the 'remember me' switch and either manually enter a new nickname and password, or select your desired nickname using the pulll-down arrow in the nickname entry box.

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