Paltalk is great messenger. Once you add someone to your pal list you can send them instant messages (IM's) or private chats.

If you want to start an IM (instant message) with anyone on your pal list, just left click on their name. The center of the main window will become a message panel.

You can also right click on anyone in your pal list on the left side of the main window, and select 'open IM' from the menu that appears.

From within a chat room, right click on anyone on the right side of the main window in the group participant list and select 'send IM' from the menu that appears.

Once you have opened the IM panel just type your text into the text entry area on the bottom of the panel. Press the 'enter' key on your keyboard to send the text.

You can hop between instant messages and the rooms you are in by using the 'active rooms' and 'recent' groups on the top of your pal list. Just click on any item to instantly jump into their respective panels.

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