My Room Settings - Room Access

This area explains all of the settings that are available to you when setting up your own chat room.  You will want to pick a good name that describes the activities in you room, as well as placing it in the correct category.  You will also want to choose some 'admins' or 'super admins' to help you run the room if it is popular.

To edit your room, select 'MyPaltalk' from the 'file' menu on your main Paltalk Pal List window.

Now click on the 'edit room' link in the 'my room' section of the page.

Select the 'room access' tab.  Tabs are on the left side of the page.  Click through the tabs to check all of your settings.  Some things are set as default settings to get your started, but you will want to take full advantage of this area.

Now back to your room settings...  Click the 'edit' button near the top right of your page to begin editing your group setup.

The 'room access' tab:

Lockword : Pick a 'lockword' or password that would be required to join your room.  Lockwords can only use a-z and 0-9.  Note if you use a lockword you room is limited to TEN (10) people.  If you want more capacity in a locked room you must subscribe to a premium room.

Members must turn on their webcam to join : Requires all users to turn their web cams on when entering your room.

User is unrestricted on room join (no red dot) : Users may enter and speak, type and cam freely

Red dot prevents text entry : If a user is 'red dotted' they may not type

Red dot prevents video functionality : If a user is 'red dotted' they may not be seen on camera

A red dot always prevents a user from speaking

Who can post url's into the room : anyone / owner or admins only
This setting prevents visitors from spamming your room while allowing admins to pass links to enhance the conversation.



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