Group participants - right side of the main window

Once you have entered a chat room you will see all of the people that are in the room on the right side of the main window.  We call this the 'group participant list'.

The list is grouped from top to bottom in the following order...

The person who is speaking always shows on the top of the list in the 'talking now area'.

Next are the people who are publishing their streaming web cam video to the group.

After them we find those who are 'chatting' in text.  The folks chatting in text can also be 'waiting' (top right) in line to speak.

After those who are chatting you would find users that are 'restricted' in some way.  Restrictions can be placed on guests by the 'admin' or administrators of the room.  You can identify the 'admins' by the gray logo beneath their name in the participant list.

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