This 'mode' for the Paltalk interface is a 'single window' environment, so everything stays in place and is easily accessible.  The window has several sections.  These areas are used to control what you do while logged in.  There are also 'alternative' screen layout modes', which will break the interface apart into separate windows, or use a more 'compact' way of displaying things, or both.

This is the 'single window' view, showing your Pals on the left, the global group listing on the right, navigation in the header, and your personal information on the top left.

The Pal list (left side of the main window)

When in a chat room
When you are in a group you will still see your Pals on the left, but the header and right side of the window change.  Now the header will show information about the group, the group's text chat in the center, and video viewer panels and participants on the right.

When in a group you can type, talk, listen in, and share your video camera.  You can also start private messages by right clicking on any name in the list.

Click the 'join queue to talk' button to get in line to speak.
Click and hold the microphone icon to speak - release when finished.
Click on the 'gift' icon to send a gift to the room.
Click on the 'emote' icon to send smileys.
Click on the 'sticker' icon to send stickers into the chat area.
Click on the 'camera' icon at the top right to start your web cam.
Click on the 'speaker' icon to mute or un-mute the audio.
Click on the 'share' icon to invite your pals into the room.
Click on the 'follow' button to follow the room and add it to 'my rooms'.
Click on the title of the room to visit the room's profile page.

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