Your account security is YOUR responsibility!

Employees and volunteers of Paltalk have nicknames appear in red. They will never appear in any other colors. If someone is representing themselves as a Paltalk person be sure they are showing in the color red in your group. Anyone who says they are with Paltalk should be asked to appear in your group with their red name showing. If they cannot do it, they are NOT a Paltalk representative. Do not give them any account information.

Never give your password out! The only time a Paltalk will ask you for your password is to verify complaints of stolen accounts, or for verification of subscription information. Again, be sure you are getting help from someone with a red nickname.

Paltalk does not conduct 'user surveys', or ask for personal information in private messages/ groups. All Paltalk surveys, information request, and so forth will be made on our official home page

Never enter your Paltalk information that is not located within the domain.

All official emails regarding your account or subscription will come from domain name such as

Never reply to an email if it isn't!

File Transfers
Files may be infected with trojans, viruses, spyware, malware, etc. Any file you receive from ANYONE on any chat program/ email should be scanned with an UP TO DATE virus scanner AND trojan cleaner!

When you receive a file on Paltalk, a box pops up asking you if you are willing to accept the transfer. It is YOUR choice as to weather to accept or not. Please scan every file before opening it.

For a vast array of information about your computer's security click HERE.

Video Sessions
Pictures may be saved by abusive users and used for whatever purpose. Paltalk has not control over this. It is your choice to send or broadcast content to other members.

For a vast array of information about your computer's security click HERE.

Common Complaints
If someone is logging into your Paltalk account and using it then you should change your password. When you successfully log into your account be sure to immediately change your password from the help menu on the Pal List. Paltalk suggests using combinations of letters and numbers when making a new password. That makes it much more difficult for a person to guess when trying to steal an account.

If your account has been stolen several times, you may be infected with a 'trojan' or a server program that is allowing someone to spy on your computer. Trojans or viruses can only be gotten if you accept and open a file transfer. We suggest that you scan your computer with an up to date trojan scanner AND an up to date virus scanner.

There are several excellent products available for free trial. Try "The Cleaner" from MooSoft at Also try Norton Anti-Virus from These products have fully functional free trials and will do a great job at detecting and cleaning up virtually any kind of infection problem that you may have developed. Any trojan or virus scanner is useless if you do not regularly update them!
(this is not an official endorsement for these products)

For a vast array of information about your computer's security click HERE.

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