The 'home' screen

The first screen you see after logging in is your 'home' screen. You will notice that the 'home' icon on the toolbar is highlighted.

On the 'home' screen you see 'my room'. This is were your own chat room would show if you have created one. You can tap on your room listing to join it, or join it and open it if it is currently closed.

Next down the list you will see 'rooms I follow'. Any rooms that you have chosen to 'follow' are listed here if they are currently open, and you can tap on any one of them to join.

Next you will find a list of 'whats hot', which is a list of rooms that have lots of activity going on. Tap on any room to join it.


The next icon in the toolbar is for messages.  It looks like a 'chat buble' and appears as second icon in from the left on the toolbar.  If you are messaging with anyone, their conversations would be listed in this area.  You can have as many messages open as you like. Just scroll thru the list and tap on any message to re-join it.

Discover - The group list

The next icon in the toolbar is 'Discover'.  It appears as the third icon in from the left. Tap on this icon to view a list of groups by category.  You can scroll up and down thru the category list to see the full list.  Tap on any category to expand it and see a list of chat rooms contained within it.  Tap on any room to join it.

Your profile

The next icon in the toolbar is for your 'profile' It looks like a little person, and it appears as the last icon on the extreme right side of the screen.  Tap on the 'profile' icon to view your profile, the list of gifts you have received, invite your friends to Paltalk, manage the rooms you follow, purchase credits, adjust settings and more.  You can also log out from this screen.  As you can see this screen does lots so we will explain these functions in more detail as separate articles.

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