Your Personal Group Chat Room

Select 'my room' from the 'following' menu on the main pal list window

This area lets you create and manage your own chat room.

If you have not yet set up your own chat room, this area will give you easy access to set up your room.

create your own room
as the room 'admin' you can control your own chat room

Step 1
choose room type:

basic room - free chat room
premium room - a chat room with enhanced features

Step 2
press the 'continue' button

You will be presented with a form that you must fill out. This form defines your chat room, its name, rating, category, etc.

once your chat room has been created
If your chat room has been created, this window will display your room name, rating, selected category, and intro message

You can join your own room from here by pressing the 'join room' button.

If you wish to make changes to your chat room press the 'edit room' button.

room features
Basic and premium room features are shown to be enabled or disabled in this area.

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