Web cam required chat rooms

Some chat room owners prefer that everyone who enters must have their web cam turned on. They usually want to see you, and not some animated graphic or text message. If you don't want to turn your cam on (maybe a bad hair day?) choose another room.

You can enable or disable this feature in your own chat room.

To edit your room from the 'classic' messenger version of Paltalk, select 'MyPaltalk' from the 'file' menu on your main Paltalk Pal List window.  Now click on the 'edit room' link in the 'my room' panel.

To edit your room from Paltalk for Mac and Windows PCs, click on the 'home' selection near the bottom left of the main window, then scroll down to the 'my room' panel on the right.  Hover your mouse over the top right corner of the panel and and click on the 'edit' icon when it appears.

To edit your room from the paltalk.com web site, log in at the top right of www.paltalk.com then click on the 'edit room' link in the 'my room' panel.

Your chat room setup pages will be presented.

Go to the advanced settings tab on the chat room setup web page.

In the middle of the page, under the lockword area there are two check boxes.

'members must turn on their web cam to enter' Is where you turn this feature on and off.

Place a check mark in this box to enable this feature and require web cams to be turned on in your chat room.

Be sure this box is un-checked if you do NOT want this feature, and anyone can enter web cam or no web cam.

Now scroll down and click the 'save my changes' button.

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