Set yourself to online, away, do not disturb or invisible mode

At times you may wish to take a break or let others know you do not wish to be disturbed. Or you may wish to 'hide' in 'invisible' mode to hold a private conversation without others knowing that you are online.

To change your status tap on the 'people' icon on the top right of the screen to display your pal list.

Now tap on the three dots '...' on the top right to bring up the status selection menu.

Tap on your selection to change your status to one of the following...

online - normal online mode where all users who have you as a pal can see you are online

away - let everyone know that you are not looking at your device at this time

do not disturb - let everyone know you do not want to receive messages at this time

invisible - watch your pal list or do other things without others knowing that you are online

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