Full blown awesome multi-media chat rooms

Paltalk is great fun.  There are thousands of chat rooms online at any given time.  Right now people from all over the planet are discussing just about any subject you can think of.

Voices, I hear voices.. 

When you enter most chat rooms you will probably hear someone speaking or playing music.

At the top right of the window you will see who is currently speaking.  In this case you can also see that eight (8) others are in line waiting to speak.  You can also see that the person who is speaking has a crown, and they are an admin (administrator) of the room.

Join the conversation!

It's interesting to listen in, but at some point you are going to want to join the conversation!

When you are in a chat room you will see the text and audio bar on the bottom of the window.  To speak, hover your mouse over the blue 'microphone' bubble, then click and hold down on your left mouse button while you speak.

Let go of the mouse button when you are finished speaking.  You can use the CTRL key on your keyboard instead of your mouse if you like.  Think of it like a 'walkie talkie', hold down while you speak, let up when you are finished.

If you want to speak for an extended period or you are playing music, you can 'lock' the microphone 'open' by clicking on the small blue 'lock' icon on the bottom right of the microphone bubble.  Click it again to release the mic when you are finished.  Alternatively you can tap the CTRL key or click the mic bubble with your mouse to release.

Mute and other stuff

At times you may have to mute the sound.  Click on the 'speaker' icon to mute the sound.  Click it again to un-mute.

From left to right the icons are....

Share the url to the room with friends using other apps

Send a gift to everyone
Send a virtual gift to every person in the chat room

Mute the sound
Stop the sound so you can talk to the boss or take a phone call

Start or stop your webcam
Turn your web cam on so everyone in the room can see your awesome smile!

Do other stuff (not done yet)
Bring up a menu to do other stuff that we have yet to build

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