Interact with someone from within a chat room, and never leave the room!

In a chat room you can sit and listen to the conversation. You can 'come to the mic' and speak to the room. You can stream your web cam to the room. And you can text chat with everyone in the room.

But what if you want to chat or interact with an individual that you have met in a group?

If you want to chat or interact with an individual in a more private setting, you can right click on their name. When you do a menu appears with the following choices.

Send IM
Starts an instant message (IM) with this person without leaving the room.

Send Whisper
Sends a 'whisper' message to a person within the general text chat in the room. You can also type the '/' character in the text entry area of the room. Then you can pick a person from the list and enter and send your message to them. A 'whisper' is a private message that is posted in the general text in the room. Only the person that you picked can see the message.

Send a photo
Allows you to take a snapshot with your web cam and send it to the person.

Send a file
Allows you to pick a file from your computer to send to this person.

Send a virtual gift
Opens the virtual gift store where you can pick a virtual gift to send to this person.

Send a gift subscription
Allows you to pick a gift subscription at various levels to send to this person.

View profile
View this persons profile.

Add to pal list
Add this person to your pal list.

Block this member
Block this person so they may not contact you.

Ignore in room
Ignores all text and voice communication from this person and only in this room.

Report member
Allows you to file a complaint about a person in the chat room.

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