The 'pal list' area (or window)
Your own information shows in the top left of the header.  This is the top of your 'pal list' or contacts.  You see the user name that you are currently logged in with, as well as your online status.  Click on your status to change it, or to show the current room you are visiting in your status message.

Your profile picture is shown in the bubble.  Click on it to access your account information.  You can upload a profile picture from there, or take a snapshot from your camera.

Next you see your subscription status along with a few controls.

The subscription status icon shows your current subscription level.  Click on it to upgrade!

The 'settings' icon opens the Paltalk settings area.

The 'magnifying glass' lets you search for new or existing pals.

The '<<' icon will collapse the left side 'list view' of the window if you are in single window mode, otherwise this icon is not present.

When you are browsing chat rooms

The header contains selections that will help you navigate various lists of chat rooms.

The room browser area (or window)

Click here to get a list of the hottest rooms on Paltalk.  Rooms are listed by trending, whats hot, staff picks, etc

This area shows the rooms that you have visited in the past.  Get back to them easily from here.

All Rooms
This is the big list of rooms broken down by category and geographical location.  All public rooms on paltalk are visible here.  There are thousands of rooms listed here.  We are sure you will find some you love!

My Rooms
Once you find great rooms you can 'follow' them.  Rooms you follow will be gathered here for your convenience.  Once you create your own chat room it will always be displayed here.  Rooms you follow are also listed on the app's home screen when you log in using your mobile device.  Be sure to 'follow' your favorite rooms!  If you are assigned as an 'admin' in any chat rooms, those rooms will also be listed for easy access.

Top Header - Right

Search for rooms
Search for rooms by key words or interests.  Anything from A to Z can be found here!

Family filter
Paltalk uses a ratings system.  In brief, G rooms cant have any foul language or nudity, R rated rooms can't have any nudity but do allow foul language, and in an A rated room almost anything goes.  You must be over the age of 18 to join any A rated rooms.  The family filter allows or disallows the listing of A rated rooms.

In a chat room

If you are in a chat room, the header shows information about the room.  You can see how many members are publishing video, as well as how many members are present in the room.  You can 'follow' the room by clicking on the 'follow' button.  If you are already following the room, the icon will say 'un-follow'.  Click on the un-follow button if you want to stop following the room for any reason.

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