Startup and shut down options, as well as how you would like things displayed on your pal list

Place a check mark in a box to enable the feature.

Or remove a check mark from a box to disable the feature.

After you have made any changes be sure to click on the 'apply' button to save your settings.


Automatically start Paltalk messenger
- Starts Paltalk when you power up your PC

Open room list at startup
- When you start Paltalk the room list window will open immediately

Shut down

Hide Paltalk
- Minimize to the system tray so you can still receive notifications

Exit Paltalk
- Close Paltalk down

Exit Paltalk and sign out of third party applications
- Close Paltalk and disconnect your login from Facebook

Main window

Keep pal list window on top
- Keeps Paltalk on top of other widows that you have open or open later

Keep menu bar visible
- Enables the menu bar and keeps it visible at all times

Keep classic pal list
- Lists your pals names only without pictures or other features

Keep offline pals in an 'offline' group
- Your offline pals will be listed in a group at the bottom of the pal list

Show 'actions panel' when you hover over a pal
- When you hover your mouse over a pal a panel appears with various options

Idle state

Place a check-mark in the box to enable a timer that will place you in idle mode if you show no activity after the set amount of minutes. Enter the number of minutes that you desire in the box provided.

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