The chat room list window

You can view a complete and categorized list of all of the public chat rooms available on Paltalk by clicking on the 'view all' button located on the 'chat rooms bar' on your main pal list window.

When you click the 'view rooms' button a new window opens

Chat rooms are able to be set to a 'primary language' when they are created
When you create an account on paltalk your language is set to the geographical location
If you wish to view rooms in other languages use the pull-down language menu
If you wish to view all chat rooms regardless of languages select 'all languages'

navigating the list of chat rooms
Click on a category and / or sub-category name in the left hand pane to open the chat room list for that category

A list of chat rooms available in that category will be displayed on the right side

joining a chat room
Enter or 'join' a chat room by double clicking on its name in the list with your left mouse button

You may alternatively enter a room by selecting it from the list by clicking on it with your left mouse button and then pressing the 'join' button

To join the selected room as 'admin' click the 'join as admin' link instead of pressing the 'join room' button

searching for a chat room by topic or name
Enter the words you want to search for and press the 'go' button

sortable listings
Click on the headers above the columns to sort alphabetically, by population, or rating.

room ratings
Paltalk contains rooms of different ratings. We use a system similar to the movie industry.

G rated rooms are not allowed to have foul language or nudity
R rated rooms may contain foul language but no nudity
A rated rooms may contain foul language and nudity

adult content filter
Adult content is not displayed by default and you will only be able to view a list of G and R rated chat rooms and categories.
To enable the listing of rooms that contain A rated content, click the 'family filter' button.
To disable the listing of adult content, click the 'family filter' button again.

WARNING - If you choose to view adult content you MUST be over the age of 18 and in compliance with any laws in your state or municipality.

parental controls
Parents are encouraged to use our excellent parental controls to be sure that their children never encounter adult material on Paltalk.

note: the chat room list window will remember its size and position when it is closed

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