Step 1
Select the Pal List Window

Step 2
Click the 'add new' button with your left mouse button, then select 'add a new Pal' from the menu that appears

the 'add a Pal' window is displayed

Step 3
Enter a users into the text entry box

Step 4
Press the 'search' button to find the member

Step 5
The search function will return the closest match on the top of the list and then display similar names below - if multiple names are found you can select the desired name from the list by clicking on it with your mouse.

Once you have selected the desired nickname you can add them to your pal list by pressing the 'add Pal' button.

Note:  blocking users is done to prevent bothersome users from contacting you or seeing your presence online - if you wish to block a selected user press the 'block Pal' button instead of the 'add pal' button

There are other ways to add a Pal

From the 'actions' menu in the 'IM' window

Select 'add this Pal to my Pal List' from the 'actions' menu in the 'IM window'

from the 'participant list' in a chat room window
'Right click' on a name in the chat room participant list

select 'add Pal' from the menu that appears

Note:  You can add pals from other IM services like AOL, Facebook, Google Talk, ICQ, MSN and Yahoo

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