This area explains all of the settings that are available to you when setting up your own chat room. You will want to pick a good name that describes the activities in you room, as well as placing it in the correct category. You will also want to choose some 'admins' or 'super admins' to help you run the room if it is popular.

To edit your room from the 'classic' messenger version of Paltalk, select 'MyPaltalk' from the 'file' menu on your main Paltalk Pal List window.  Now click on the 'edit room' link in the 'my room' panel.

To edit your room from Paltalk for Mac and Windows PCs, click on the 'home' selection near the bottom left of the main window, then scroll down to the 'my room' panel on the right.  Hover your mouse over the top right corner of the panel and and click on the 'edit' icon when it appears.

To edit your room from the web site, log in at the top right of then click on the 'edit room' link in the 'my room' panel.

Your chat room setup pages will be presented.

Select the 'room access' tab. Tabs are on the left side of the page. Click through the tabs to check all of your settings. Some things are set as default settings to get your started, but you will want to take full advantage of this area.

Now back to your room settings... Click the 'edit' button near the top right of your page to begin editing your group setup.

The 'admins' tab:

Enable admin monitor : Enable this function to receive messages about what your admins are doing in your room on your behalf. You can be notified of bouncing and banning and other activities. See the article on 'the admin monitor'.

Who can manage admins : Owner only, or Super admins and Owner
If your room becomes very popular you would need help organizing a team to run it. You can allow your super admins to add or remove other admins. You can change this any time you like.

Add admin : Add to a list of people who can help you run your room.

Select : Select their role, either admin or super admin

Nickname : Enter the exact spelling of their Paltalk nickname

Add : Click the 'add' button after making a new selection to add them to the list below.

The current list of admins and super admins :
Here you see a list of current admins and super admins that you have added
They are listed by nickname, level, and date added.

You can remove an admin or super admin from the list by clicking on the red 'X' to the right of their name.

Click on the 'cancel' button to discard any changes.

Admins and Super admins: A 'regular' room admin can use the group controls, including restricting users from speaking, typing and sending video. They can also 'bounce' users from the room.

Some rooms will become very popular and take a large staff to keep it open and running around the clock. Some room owners find it difficult to manage such a large list of admins. A 'super admin' has the extra ability to add and remove admins from the room. A super admin can access a list of rooms they manage from their own 'MyPaltalk', by clicking on the 'rooms I manage' link near the top left of the page.

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