PALTALK PICTURE REQUIREMENTS. Please follow the following guidelines when submitting a picture. Paltalk strives to make the best possible user experience for all of its members, and this includes allowing users to express themselves in their own unique ways. Paltalk allows you to submit pictures of yourself, including one primary picture and additional secondary pictures. Non-paying members can only view primary pictures, and paying members can view all pictures. Paltalk will screen all primary pictures within 48 hours after submission, and you will be notified when it is approved or rejected. Primary pictures will not be displayed until Paltalk approves them.

All pictures must follow the below guidelines:

  • Can't be blank or of poor quality.
  • Can't be copyrighted by a third person who has not granted written authorization, can't contain the image of a celebrity or other person who has not granted written authorization.
  • Can't be construed as harassing.
  • Can't contain impersonations.
  • Can't contain excessive violence.
  • No nudity.
  • No profanity or offensive language.
  • Nothing pornographic.
  • Nothing obscene or indecent.
  • Can't be sexually graphic (no intercourse, bodily fluids, sexual activity, masturbation).
  • Picture can be no greater than 100K in file size.

PRIMARY PICTURES. Primary pictures must additionally following these guidelines:

  • Picture must be of the submitter, must only display the submitter, and must clearly display their face (if you wish to express yourself in a creative way, display your artwork, show you with your friends, etc., feel free to do so in all other pictures).
  • Picture cannot contain text or contact information.
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