When viewing your Pal List:

  • Tap on a nickname
  • Select ‘send a gift’ from the menu that appears

If you are viewing a profile:

  • Tap on the ‘send gift’ button near the middle right of the profile screen
  • Tap on any name in a chat room’s participant list S
  • Select ‘send gift’ from the menu that appears

Scroll up and down through the different types of gifts that are available. Gifts are categorized by type.  

Tap on any gift to select it. You can enter a message to send along with your gift.

Tap the ‘purchase gift’ button near the bottom of the screen to confirm your purchase. Credits will be deducted from your account once you tap the ‘purchase gift’ button. Purchases are not reversible or refundable so be sure that you have selected the right person and have chosen the correct gift before you complete your purchase.

Your credit balance is shown under the ‘purchase gift’ button. There is a link to purchase more credits there too, just in case you want to add more to your account.

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